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Notification letters to applicants will be sent out on February 28, 2018.

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Deadline: January 1, 2018

On or before the deadline date, your application must include:

  1. Read the Guidelines & Eligibility tab below
  2. Complete either the Showcase & Runway Application OR Market Place Application in the tabs below
  3. Email photos or sketches of your work as per the tab below
  4. Make the payment for your application fee in the tab below
Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by February 28, 2018

Table of Contents

1) Mandate & Artistic Policy

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto presents live showcases & runways, curated exhibitions, artist talks, panels, lectures, hands-on workshops, and a trade and consumer marketplace, programming 60% or more Indigenous women artists and their works in fashion, textiles and craft. Artists and exhibitors are invited to apply to the live showcases & runways and marketplace. Your application does not guarantee inclusion in Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto.

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto is Indigenous-led and committed to becoming a leader in the dissemination and exportation of Indigenous-made works for the advancement and empowerment of Indigenous artists and designers, connecting them and their work to Canadian and international audiences, festivals, buyers, retailers, curators and institutes.

Programmed works in the Runway & Showcase are selected based on artistic merit, innovative vision, technicality and skill, impact for the artist and audiences and overall cohesion to IFWTO themes and vision.

Selected works for the Marketplace are based on artistic merit, technicality and skill, impact for the artist, retail readiness, potential interest for fashion industry, audience demand and opportunity to challenge audiences.

The selection committee includes the Artistic Director, and programming advisors, including the Artistic Associate and two additional arts and fashion industry reps.

2) Eligibility

  • Self-identified Indigenous of any international or national nation
  • Emerging, Mid-Career or Established Artist or Designer
  • *non-Indigenous applicants of the Market Place will be considered, on a case-by-case basis, based on services and commitment to supporting Indigenous artists and communities.

3) About Us

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto is a four-day festival of Indigenous-made fashion, textiles and craft, taking place May 31 – June 3, 2018 at Harbourfront Centre in downtown Toronto for industry and audiences. We present artists at all levels of their practice, whose work expresses or challenges the deep and ongoing connection between contemporary fashion, Indigenous art and ancient and traditional practices. Additional educational and development components will include artist talks, panels, lectures and hands-on workshops.

4) About Harbourfront Centre, Co-Producer and Venue

For more than 40 years, Harbourfront Centre has been on the cutting edge of all that is current and creative, bringing together the best in both Canadian culture and the rich mosaic of cultures from within our country and around the world.

Craft & Design at Harbourfront Centre is a dynamic axis point for contemporary expression in Canada and an integral part of the country’s largest public multi-disciplinary arts complex.

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto will have an undeniable presence across Harbourfront Centre presenting in most of their spaces, with at least 50 marketplace exhibitors, including a designer trade showcase, educators and suppliers, 30 designers and artists in live showcases and runways, 40 panelists and lecturers, 6 intensive hands-on workshops and a curated craft and textile exhibit.

Harbourfront Centre has a 10-acre lakeside setting, FREE weekend festivals all summer long, millions of annual visitors and so much more! Their team of wonderful staff look forward to working with you throughout the season.

5) Application Fees

$20 – Showcase & Runway
$20 – Marketplace
$40 – Both, Showcase & Runway and Marketplace

  • Submission fees are non-refundable
  • Submission fees cover administrative costs of processing applications
  • Your application will be reviewed only upon receipt of your submission fee
  • Submission fees will be deducted from your exhibitor fee, if you are selected for the marketplace

6) Artist Fees

  • Artist Fees are paid to successful applicants of the Showcase & Runways
  • Marketplace Exhibitors do not receive artist fees.

7) Being an Artist in a Showcase & Runway

  • Rehearsals are provided, including full-dress rehearsal, as per venue and production availability.
  • All technical, talent, hair & makeup are provided
  • If you are programmed, information you provide in your application will be used for print, online and promotional purposes
  • We promote IFWTO to Indigenous, fashion, arts and mainstream media and industry, although we do not promote individual artists, unless media specifically requests.
  • Programmed artists are printed in a catalogue, disseminated among industry patrons
  • Programmed aritsts are provided access to IFWTO industry networking events
  • Programmed artists are eligible to register for hands-on workshops
  • Additional print and web promotion materials is the responsibility of the artist
  • Designers/artists are expected to provide their collection, plus accessories and shoes within a timeline
  • IFWTO hires a pre-selected group of talent and models, based on your application specifications
  • Designers/artists will have the opportunity to meet talent and models in-person/by-phone/online to discuss the presentation and representation of their work
  • We will work closely with all designers and artists to ensure the integrity of your work is honoured and respected.

8) Being an Exhibitor in the Trade & Consumer Marketplace

  • At least 50 exhibitors will be curated, including 10 designer showroom exhibitor spaces and 3-6 food vendors
  • Regular exhibitor spaces are outside
  • Designer showroom exhibitor spaces are inside
  • Selected applications will be charged an exhibitor fee as follows (plus your application fee):
    • Artist: $130
    • Retailer/Supplier/Wholesaler: $230
    • Educational: $380
    • Non-Profits: $130
    • Food Vendors: $280
  • Electricity costs are extra
  • Exhibitor fees must be made by April 30. If fees are not paid on time, booths will be given to “next in line” applicants
  • Overnight, on-site security is provided, although IFWTO is not responsible for any lost or stolen products
  • A basic set-up is provided, including two chairs, a table and a tent
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure a professional presentation

Harbourfront Centre provides the following to its exhibitors:

  • Vendor Coordinator on site to ensure that everything goes smoothly
  • Spacious 10′ x 10′ tented STANDARD booth with 2 tables and 2 chairs OR
  • Spacious tented 1 table space (1 table and 2 chairs provided)
  • Access to a power source (limited 15 Amp power)
  • Overnight Security Staff

Vendors must provide their own lighting, flooring, booth display, telecommunications, signage and more. If you would like to bring any electrical or display equipment, please detail those on the application form, and include the wattage. Our booths are located under tents outdoors, so we have limited electrical supply. Vendors receive a discounted parking pass but it does not guarantee a space.

Showcase & Runway Application

Application Fee

Trade & Consumer Market Place Application

Application Fee

Email us your Support Materials

See support material requirements below. If you are applying for both runway and market place, please include all of the requirements.


1-2 photo or video examples of previous live performance or runway
1-2 photo examples of previous works
1-2 photo or illustration examples of works proposed in this application
1 headshot of the artistic lead(s)


1-2 photos of previous exhibitor/booth set-up
1-2 photos of works to exhibit/sell
1-2 brand photos, including logos and/or signage
1 headshot of the artistic lead(s)

Application Payment

When making your application payment, ensure the name and contact information match the information in your application.

We accept payment by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. PayPal accepts payments from other PayPal accounts, all credit cards and transfers.

Application Fee

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