Celeste Pedri-Spade

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Celeste Pedri-Spade is an Anishinabekwe artist from Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation. She identifies as a “mark maker” who works primarily with textiles and photography. Celeste holds a PhD in visual anthropology and is an Associate Professor and Queen’s National Scholar at Queen’s University where she teaches courses related to Indigenous art and methodologies. Her art practice is committed to honouring the women in her life and exploring the tactile and sensuous meanings made possible through creative entanglements with our material environments. Her current wearable art series, Material Kwe (‘Kwe’ is sland in Anishinabemowin for ‘woman’), intervenes in early colonial settler-Anishinabeg relations within her family’s lands, which were based considerably on resource extrapolation for the fashion industry. Material Kwe aims to press back against this material HIStory, through a strategic design/aesthetic that is about carefully reworking the past in the present in order to re-fashion a different frame of mind—one filtered by a powerful, material kwe presence.

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For many, the fashion arts have always been an active and vibrant site of cultural exchange