Brenda Lee Asp

Tahltan & Northern Tutchone / Canada / Craft

“Slip on a drop of confidence and walk with pride” is a statement Brenda Lee Asp aims to embody through her clothing designs. Incorporating a contemporary blend of beading and form line artwork with natural materials such as bamboo, silk, velvet, fur and leather. “Our people have been colonized in so many different ways…so I view this as a way to help people feel proud again,” Asp says. “That’s what I’m trying to bring, something they can feel proud to wear.” A member of the Crow Clan, her diverse Athabaskan ancestral background consists of Northern Tutchone First Nation from the Yukon and Tahltan from Northern BC. Asp attended the Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design program and has gone on to show her designs at Couture Fashion Week in New York and Western Canada Fashion Week. “For me, being a fashion designer, showcasing success or striving for success… when we bring this out to the world and stand proud with what we do, that in itself is decolonization.”

IFWTO 2020

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