Blu Hummingbird

Haudenosaunee (Onondaga) / Canada / Craft

Brit Ellis aka Blu Hummimgbird is a multidisciplinary artist specializing is beadwork and cosmetic tattooing, with a background in community work and counselling. She combines her tattoo work, traditional teachings and life experience to influence her beadwork. Fusing traditional and modern influences to create intricate work that inspires conversation and connection is her specialty. Blu’s work has been featured by Flare Magazine and CBC’s Cross Country Check Up and Unreserved Radio programs. She aims to create a variety of works that speak to the complexity of Indigenous identities and experiences on Turtle Island, while also highlighting her love of pop culture, drag, and fashion. Brit is a Haudenosaunee woman of mixed ancestry currently living in Tkaronto.

IFWTO 2020

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