Haida / British Colombia

Dorothy Grant’s work can be liken to iconic fashion designer Chanel, who transformed the way women thought about themselves in clothing.  She had a vision to do exactly this by marrying Haida art to classic designed clothing. She redefined Haida regalia for modern day potlatching and stellar red carpets.  Her work has been called transformative and powerful.  She refers to this in her work best described by the Haida word “Yaagudaang”, meaning “having a sense of self respect and pride”.

In 1981 She trained with her maternal grandmother Florence Edenshaw Davidson to weave spruce root hats and basketry, while making regalia for Haida dance groups. In 1983, she began to sketch Haida art onto clothing. In 1988 she graduated from Helen Le’Feaux School of Fashion Design. Immediately after graduation she started her first collection.

She premiered the collection at the Vancouver Hotel in 1989 featuring her iconic new Feast-wear label. Dorothy’s career through her exemplary role modeling in fashion and in business has helped lead the way for new generations of Indigenous designers throughout North America.

In 2015 she was granted the Order of Canada for her contribution to the Canadian Fashion Industry and her mentoring of youth.

Dorothy Grant’s work is showcased on runways around the world and is worn by high profile actors for the red carpet.  Her entrance stopping garments have been collected by 16 museums worldwide.

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