Panels Series

Beading Table Discussions
November 29, 2020

Beading Table Discussions

Resurgent Practices
In 2020 beading circles across Turtle Island went virtual, ensuring that community support and kinship ties remained strong despite the pandemic. These virtual spaces extended the possibilities for community growth, creating circles that were accessible for artists to connect beyond geographic barriers. This panel will host a conversation about the layers of community resilience and strength within the act of beading circles, the possibilities and imaginings of Indigenous beadwork practices as cultural continuity, and opportunities for collective organizing on community, national and international levels.


Justine Woods is a Métis interdisciplinary designer based in Tkaronto in what is known as Canada, and is from the Georgian Bay Métis Community.
White Otter Design Co. was started in 2015 to incorporate Jaymie Campbell’s love of traditional artistry with contemporary fashion.
Brit Ellis aka Blu Hummimgbird is a multidisciplinary artist specializing is beadwork and cosmetic tattooing, with a background in community work and counselling.
Theresa Stevenson is a Plains and Swampy Cree from Fisher River Cree Nation, Manitoba and George Gordon First Nation, Saskatchewan, who is currently based in Toronto.


Riley Kucheran is an Assistant Professor of Design Leadership at Ryerson University’s School of Fashion and is also Associate Director of the Saagajiwe Centre for Indigenous Research and Creation