Hanne Bruun

Greenland / Inuit

Hanne is a 45-year-old Greenlandic woman and single mum of three wonderful kids. Her passion for jewelry started in The Netherlands where she lived for 14 years developing her jewelry making skills. In 2014, she moved back to Greenland where her passion for her own culture and history grew with her studies at the university. Making jewelry with inspiration from her culture, and the Arctic nature feels natural to Hanne and she feel lucky to work with different elements of her culture. Her design has been welcomed by the Greenlandic women and demand is growing rapidly. She has started a unique production line for women of all ages and this year will be her first year as entrepreneur after moving bac to Greenland. She has high hopes and expectations to deliver a unique and qualitative
jewelry, to especially the women of the Arctic and Internationally. Her products are mainly silver jewelry, designed with inspiration from the Greenlandic culture and nature.

Trade & Consumer Marketplace

Harbourfront Centre, Lakeview Market
June 2 & 3