Chippewa / Toronto

Jay Soule aka CHIPPEWAR is an Indigenous multi-disciplinary artist from the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation (Deshkaan Ziibing Anishinaabeg) located twenty minutes south west of London, Ontario on the north bank of the Thames River.

Jay has been painting, designing clothing , doing installation work and performance art for over 15 years.  His work brings awareness to the importance of decolonizing worldviews and Indigenizing nonindigenous space and  favours using pop art as a medium of expression, creating works that shift the gaze from stereotype to contemporary narratives.

Jay creates art under the name Chippewar, which represents the hostile relationship that Canada’s native people’s have with the government of the land they have resided in since their creation. 

Chippewar is also a reminder of the importance of the traditional warrior role that exists in Indigenous cultures across North America that survives into the present day.