Lesley Hampton

Anishinaabe, Mohawk / Canada / Fashion

Lesley Hampton spent her early life in constant relocation. A “Third Culture Kid”, Lesley spent years in Canada’s Arctic and Atlantic, Australia, England, Indonesia, and New Caledonia. Lesley defines herself through the amalgamation of her indigeneity, (Anishinaabe and Mohawk) and early nomadic upbringing. Lesley nurtured a passion for socio-cultural concepts to define her identity and reconnect with her indigenous roots.
Founded by Lesley Hampton on the principles of inclusivity, identity, awareness, and heritage, the LESLEY HAMPTON brand’s inspiration is defined by the characteristics developed from being a Third Culture Kid and critiques their application in present day society in fashion, media, and pop culture. The brand draws inspiration from notations that embody inclusivity, and broader perceptions of beauty that leads to mental health awareness and body-positive advocacy.

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