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Greenland, Inuk

Maria Panínguak’ Kjærulff is from Nuuk, Greenland. I have studied Fine Arts in NSCAD University, Halifax, Canada, and Cooper U nion School of New York, NY. I have also been on an artist residence, ISCP, in New York. I have developed a series of “Inuit Ladies”. They are paintings with ladies using the traditional costumes from different areas in Greenland, the hair tied up in a knot, the collar from the national costume, kamik boots, mittens, sometimes beads, and the ulu knife. The ulu knife was used as an essential tool in Greenland. I use the 3 basic designs of the ulu knife in my works of art: 1) Thule: The Northwestern Greenlandic ulu, 2) Kitaa: The Southwestern Greenlandic ulu

Trade & Consumer Marketplace

Harbourfront Centre, Lakeview Market
June 2 & 3