Moose River Basin Art

Omushkego Cree / Canada / Craft

Moose River Basin Art is an interdisciplinary art company creating accessories such as beaded and moose hair tufted antler earrings as well as tihkinâkan (cradleboards). Our journey began when Alyssa was pregnant with her second child in 2017 and attended a cradleboard making workshop at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto with a fellow Omushkego iskwêw (woman) as the facilitator. Alyssa recognized the importance of reclaiming and continuing Omushkegowuk traditional practices surrounding pregnancy, birth, and parenting. The following year, her and her partner decided to make more moss bags and cradleboards, and sell them at the Gathering of Our People in Moose Factory. Moose River Basin Art is an extension of the non-profit organization Moose River Basin Hide tanning, a group based in Taykwa Tagamou territory

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