Panels: 2020

Communicating your narrative and honouring our stories is the most important part of Indigenous fashion.
Indigenous fashion embodies our diverse cultural values with aesthetic codes that are intimately known by community members but often falsely represented.
How can Indigenous creatives take leadership positions and maintain agency as they build collaborative, professional relationships?
Discussing Chisti Belcourt’s work and visual expression through fashion and the achievement and failures of mainstream and Indigenous collaborations in fashion.
Artist Jaad Kuujus, with exhibition Co-Curator, Lisa Myers, discuss the digital adaption of textile and craft works as a continuum of the ancestral thread.
The dissemination of Indigenous-made fashion through media is integral for the emerging movement’s success, but increased visibility has its challenges.
Land-based fashion honours the gifts provided by the earth, transmits generational knowledge and skills, and generates environmentally reflective designs.
A conversation about the layers of community resilience and strength within the act of beading circles.
As a component of the mainstream fashion system, fashion schools and educators have a unique role in shaping the next generation of fashion leaders.