Tania Larsson

Gwich'in / Canada / Craft

Tania Larsson designs contemporary, northern Indigenous adornment based on Gwich’in culture, created with land-based materials. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Institute of American Indian Arts and was the apprentice to renown jeweller Keri Ataumbi for two years. Tania is one of the founding members of Dene Nahjo, an Indigenous Innovation Collective based in Northern Canada. Born and raised in France, she is a Gwich’in and Swedish woman. Her late mother Shirley Firth was born on the trapline in Aklavik, Northwest Territories. At the age of fifteen, Tania moved to Canada with her family to reconnect with her culture and the Gwich’in land. She has consistently sought opportunities to deepen her understanding of history and culture and to apply this learning to her artistic work.

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