The Birch Trail

Metis / Canada / Craft

Michelle Beausejour is a mixed Indigenous/settler womxn born and raised in Tkoronto currently residing in Tiohtià:ke. Michelle has always had a passion for handmade, from creating birch bark etchings and beadwork as a child to sewn items and illustration as a youth. Her post-secondary studies in fashion design cemented her passion for creating designs that create a conversation and help uplift Indigenous visibility and representation. With her work as The Birch Trail, Michelle reclaims culture that was removed in her family line through the foster care system. Michelle continues to use her platform to advocate and raise funds for various social justice issues. When she isn’t creating for The Birch Trail, Michelle is also a mentor for Youth Fusion and is a founder of & community, event organizer for Collectif Créatif Etsy Montréal.

IFWTO 2020

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