Theresa Burning

Seneca, Ojibway / Toronto

Theresa Burning is a Seneca/Ojibway person, who has lived in Toronto for the majority of her life.  She is a single mother with a daughter and son and now a grandmother of two. She grew up watching her parents do beadwork and it was something that always interested her.  It wasn’t until her siblings and she moved in with their grandmother that the beadwork lessons started. When she was doing beadwork at the kitchen table, Theresa would sit and watch her, not saying anything because she wasn’t much of a talker. One day she got a small plate, poured beads on it and handed Theresa a needle and thread and it took off from there. Beadwork is relaxing and I enjoy creating new pieces.

Trade & Consumer Marketplace

Harbourfront Centre
Lakeview Market
June 2 & 3