Totem Design House

Haida, Cree / Canada / Fashion, Craft, Textiles

Erin Brillon is of Haida and Cree ancestry. Her work experience has been in deep connection to her people. From the age of 14, Erin was assisting her mother, Edna Brillon, in promoting, marketing and selling Northwest Coast Native art. More recently, Erin founded and coordinated an art program and social enterprise, called OneTribe, a youth artist collective, along with establishing the Wachiay Studio. In 2015 she started the family enterprise, Totem Design House, making clothing and home decor. With her brother Jesse’s Haida motif’s and her daughter’s silk screening help, they started with only a few t-shirt designs. Now a thriving brand, Totem Design House is founded on Indigenous values, sharing cultural knowledge, being eco-friendly, and giving funds to a variety of cultural and Indigenous Youth projects. Erin is continually developing her skills at jewelry making, regalia making and clothing design.

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