Curtis Oland

Upcoming Appearances
Originating from the Okanagan Valley and a member of the Lil’Wat Nation, Curtis Oland is an interdisciplinary artist and designer, currently working out of Berlin, with ties to London, Toronto, and Vancouver. Through the medium of garment design, Curtis has been able to operate between the realms of fashion, theatre, film, and visual art. As a nomadic culture seeker, he encourages collaborative practices as a means to tell rich, complex stories that encourage spiritual and emotional unity through art. His connection to his Lil’Wat heritage, and the teachings of the land, have inspired a raw, organic aesthetic, using soft tailoring, natural fabrics, elegant earth-tones, and textural details, that operate as a celebration and honouring of material and land. His collection, Delicate Tissue, was shown at London’s Somerset House for the exhibition “Brave New Worlds”, in 2019, with sponsorship from IFWTO.


“Delicate Tissue” is about the precarious and sometimes volatile relationships we share with the Land, and with one another.