Maru Creations

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Maru Creations was created by Te Ataraiti Waretini to share the beauty of Māori culture internationally through traditionally woven taonga (treasures). In London, Ataraiti started learning how to weave from her mother over Facebook. She created a cloak made from flax and feathers. Since then she has learned that woven taonga are meaningful creations to be treated as loving additions to families. This makes them more than a garment, they’re taonga (treasures). As a weaver, Te Ataraiti is grateful to have created taonga worn at prestigious events like the Oceania exhibition in London and Paris. She has also gifted taonga to popular American musicians, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Cardi B and Nelly. Outside of weaving, Te Ataraiti shares her culture on the stage. She has performed for high profile events and audiences like members of the royal family including HM Queen Elizabeth II.

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Whakapapa (genealogy) allows us to trace back our ancestral line over many generations and understand where we come from.