Mobilize Waskawewin

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A movement intended for the spreading of love, energy, empowerment, and identity. Mobilize is street wear wit a cree flair. Concepts from the past, present, and future. Clothing is meant to be your voice when you feel silenced, to be an item that brings self-worth, and to act as an extension of your own story. As a father and a community member who has worked alongside our youth for most of my life, I feel a responsibility to create change for generations to come. We must tell our own stories! We must move forward in a good way with the land, the people, and our mother (the earth) being taken care of. For the next generation, to empower the future ancestors, and to ensure that we create a conscious generation who will create the shift that is required. Mobilize.

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Blending the past and present to create clothing that will empower the next generation.