Running Fox Beads

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Running Fox Beads was founded by Skye Paul. Skye’s artistic practice expresses a new generational perspective that respectfully sustains traditional skills and knowledge. Her primary mediums are beadwork and illustration, which has led to caribou hair tufting, quillwork, leatherwork and installation. Skye’s teachers and training come from family and community through traditional oral and hands-on ways of life. Skye is part of a young generation that mobilizes Indigenous art and culture through urban subcultures like tattooing and pop. When she beads tattoo flash-inspired designs with Dene florals, Skye sees her Setsuné’s (grandmother’s) hands at work. It is that poetic sense of identity that allows Skye to continue to grow and explore the cultural intersection of work in a globalized, urban setting. Skye’s work connects beyond conventional artistic boundaries; She share shares her vision with audiences through digital, community, and fashion platforms in accessible and relatable ways. Accessibility for younger generations is an important attribute of Running Fox Beads.

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