Inuk 360

Inuvialuit / Northwest Territories

Inuk was born, raised and continues to live in the Northwest Territories (NT), Canada; she is of Eskimo (Inuvialuit) and European decent. When you meet her; it does not take long to hear her love and respect for her people, land and tradition(s) from the Northwest Territories and she shares this with the world thru her art work and designs. Inuk’s art journey began in the spring of 1990, when she surprised herself and others as well with her ‘natural ability to caribou hair tuft’. As any new artist Inuk was unsure of her ability to become a “Master Tufter”, but aspired to reach that level. Inuk comes from an artistic family, which may add to her artistic abilities: she believes that, “Learning to tuft on my own accord; helped me find, develop and hone my own techniques and in the end this brought out my own unique style of caribou hair tufting.” 

In the NT moose hair tufting is known as one of the traditional crafts from the Fort Providence area, which was dying out. Then, Inuk came along reviving and successfully bringing tufting to new heights and into the fine art category, worldwide, using caribou hair. She takes this fine art beyond the “norm”. Through the years she has taught thousands of people around the world, from all walks of life and ages. With each lesson and demonstration she is preserving a piece of the Northwest Territories heritage. 

Inuk’s teaching ability of this fine art is remarkable; you can see and hear her patience as she teaches it. She teaches all you need to know on how to tuft, whether it’s using moose, reindeer, and deer or caribou hair and helps bring out your own style. She knows that each student leaves with a new understanding, genuine knowledge and a new appreciation of and for tufting. Inuk knows there are no limits to the creations that can be done; especially with caribou hair tufting. As you view her art, you see her love of it and it show’s in every piece, you can see the utmost care in quality and originality; which you will enjoy for years to come. With continual perseverance, determination and hard work, Inuk has become and is a “Master Tufter”, in which she proudly, yet humbly accepts this acknowledgment with a smile.