Willow Crescent Quilting

Gwich'in / Canada / Craft

Dorathy Alberta is a self-taught quilter and artist and founder of Willow Crescent Quilting. She is originally from Inuvik and comes from a family of artists. The qualities of colour, line, and texture in her work captivate the spirit and emotions of its viewer and spark an overall sense of mystery, excitement, or joy. With over ten years of experience, some recipients of her work include the Norman Wells Land Corporation, Mackenzie Mountain School, NTSPCA, Arctic Paws, East Three Girls Basketball Team as well as many local families. Dorathy is committed to supporting, educating and donating to her local community in hopes that her experience and skills will encourage young artists to engage in healthy and productive hobbies or careers. Dorathy creates quilts based on traditional designs, personal interests and photographic references.

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